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A history of the Antonine Wall and a guide to the surviving remains of Rome’s Northernmost Frontier

Castlecary to Westerwood


The walk dovetails straight into the next section, Tollpark, which sports a very fine section of ditch.

Travel and Parking

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Known Fort Location (No Visible Remains)

Fort (Visible Remains)

Other visible remains


Follow Castlecary Road and at the third right after the bridge you will see a sign pointing you towards the Antonine Wall. Follow it and you will be directed onto a rural walkway following the line of the Wall. This first section is called Garnhall and portions of ditch are visible.

Parking is available in vicinity of Castlecary Fort. After starting this section you will soon transition onto a grass footpath which can be followed to Twechar (approximately 6 miles).

Getting There

Castlecary Roman Fort

Originally established in the AD 80s during the campaigns of Agricola, but abandoned when the Romans withdrew to Hadrian's Wall, Castlecary Roman Fort was rebuilt as part of the Antonine Wall. A primary fort, it enclosed an area of 3.5 acres and was one of just two with stone defences rather than turf and timber (the other was Balmuildy). The fort was supported by an annexe - a fortified area attached to the eastern side of the defences - that provided a secure compound presumably for workshops and other military activities. It was garrisoned by the First Cohort of Tungrians (cohors I Tungrorum milliaria peditata), a Regiment recruited in Northern Spain, but at some point during the forts use they were replaced by the First Cohort of Batavians (cohors I Batavorum) from modern day Holland. Like nearby Rough Castle, archaeological evidence points to significant fighting at Castlecary dated at between AD 155 and 166 which may well have accounted for the change in Regiment. Interestingly there is some evidence that Castlecary continued in use after the abandonment of the Antonine Wall - it is possible there was periodic, perhaps expeditionary, use of the fort into the later second century.

This article details the line of the Antonine Wall from Castlecary and then goes via Garnhall and Tollpark to the site of Westerwood Fort. It is one of the best preserved segments of the Wall and, for much of its length, follows the official Antonine Wall trail. Little remains of Castlecary Roman Fort but impressive sections of ditch are visible at Tollpark.

Fighting Ditch

Towards Westerwood

Once you get to the end of the Tollpark section, the path leads through a gate and onwards adjacent to the security fence of Cumbernauld Airport. Keep following it and the ditch soon reappears. Shortly after, you’ll pass a farm building on one side and a golf course on the other. You’re now at the site of Westerwood Fort.

Approaching Castlecary

The slight remains of Castlecary Roman Fort

Line of Wall

Line of Wall

Forts and Fortlets

Castlecary Roman Fort:

(Limited remains)

Lat/Long:  55.982173N 3.941724W

Grid Ref:   NS 7894778279

Postcode: FK4 2HR

Westerwood Roman Fort:

(Site of - no visible remains)

Lat/Long:  55.973350N 3.988349W

Grid Ref:   NS 7601077380

Postcode: N/A

Castlecary Fort

After Castlecary

Once you have finished exploring Castlecary Fort, retrace your steps back to the main road and follow it around as it passed over the Motorway and under the Railway bridge. The line of the Wall took the direct route but angled into the industrial estate.

Fort platform at Castlecary

Wall intersected with far end of bridge

Wall changed course here...

...entering the industrial estate

Follow the signs...

...into the Hotel Car Park...

...and through the gates

Line of Wall

Towards Westerwood




Castlecary Fort

55.982173N 3.941724W

NS 7894778279



55.980596N 3.951976W

NS 7830278122



55.978896N 3.959954W

NS 7779977947

G68 0BA


55.973350N 3.988349W

NS 7601077380


Visit the Antonine Wall

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Visit the Antonine Wall